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New Truck APU Reviews - 2/17/2013!

Welcome to Truck Auxiliary Power Units. APUs can be a way to quickly lower your fuel costs and improve cash flow - but you need a good system or you'll see your cash savings be plowed into repairs. With dozens of auxiliary power units and manufacturers on the market, and coming in all sorts of styles and power ranges, it can be difficult to figure out which system is right for you. We review all known systems and break down what's best for different drivers.

Truck drivers are under pressure from a number of angles - anti-idle laws with fines reaching $5,000 plus jail time, rising fuel costs and diesel costing $4 a gallon(again), and an extremely competitive marketplace. APUs can help with the first two, getting you compliant with the law while providing a comfortable cab for you the driver and lowering your fuel costs. Plus, the cost savings can help make you more competitive.

However, most truck drivers at least know someone who had a bad experience with a system - some are notorious for being underpowered, poorly made, or having frequent breakdowns. While the editor of this site has not tried out each system discussed on this site, I do have experience with small engines and HVAC engineering and I can tell you there are maybe two systems on the market which will actually cool, heat, and provide power to the level they claim - though many will provide you with ample comfort and power to spare. This doesn't mean that you should avoid APUs - a good system will quickly pay for itself - but you can't just compare engine size or the claims for cooling that they put in the brochures. The key it to buy what you need.

Depending on where you are in the decision or buying process, check out the links to the left to find out more. Whether you are deciding what type of truck APU to get or you want to see our different truck APU reviews we're here to help you find the APU that meets your needs and maximizes profit.

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